Laser Combs vs Laser Caps: Which is Better for Regrowing Thinning Hair?

Laser Combs vs Laser Caps: Which is Better for Regrowing Thinning Hair?

Recent developments in laser hair growth treatments make it possible for many men and women to regrow hair by using low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Laser hair growth combs and laser hair growth caps have emerged as some of the most impressive hair regrowth devices that use LLLT.

Since there are several LLLT products on the market, though, it makes sense to do some research before you decide which option is the best laser hair growth treatment device for you. Consider the following factors before you buy a laser hair growth treatment.

How Does LLLT Encourage Hair Growth?

LLLT uses a specific type of infrared laser beam that can penetrate your scalp and reach the stem cells in your hair follicles. The light stimulates blood circulation to the cells. By improving the blood flow, your follicles will receive more of the oxygen and nutrients that they need to grow hair.

Laser caps and combs emit the correct type of light to counter the effects of male and female pattern baldness. You can expect to see results within three months of using the products.

Do Laser Caps or Combs Offer Better Coverage?

Most laser hair growth combs only use 12 lasers, which means you have to slowly comb your entire head to regrow hair evenly. The combs usually work well, but they take quite a bit of time to use. Unfortunately, laser combs can also cause uneven growth.

A quality laser hair growth treatment cap like the one illumiflow makes contains 272 lasers. Having this many lasers makes it easy for you to cover your entire scalp, which will encourage even growth. When you want to look your best, it makes sense to choose a cap for your laser hair growth treatment.

Are Laser Combs or Caps More Convenient?

Most people find that laser caps are more convenient than laser combs forlaser hair growth treatments. Laser caps can fit securely and inconspicuously under the hats you already own. Since they fit into your hats, you can wear the laser hair growth cap no matter where you go.

Feel free to wear it at work, while playing sports or doing work around your house. You’ll get the benefits of LLLT hair regrowth without anyone knowing.

Laser caps offer the coverage and convenience that most people want from LLLT laser hair growth treatments technology. You can learn more about reversing hair loss and laser hair growth treatments hair by visiting the illumiflow website.