Hair Growth Starts on The Inside: Nutrients for Optimal Hair Growth

Hair Growth Starts on The Inside: Nutrients for Optimal Hair Growth

Although it seems relatively simple on the surface, hair growth is extremely complex. Many variables go¬†into hair growth, you’d be surprised what nutrients for hair growth you’ll need. Full, lush and long-lasting growth requires multiple processes at the cellular level. If cells don’t get the energy they need or if they are smothered with too much DHT, they cannot function well enough to produce hair that can withstand the rigors of life.

A Scientific Look at How Hair Grows

Hair strands are constructed with dead protein cells, called keratin. Although hair itself is not living, the process to produce hair requires life, blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

Hair grows out of sheath of skin called a follicle. At the base of the follicle lies the matrix, a blood-rich control center that’s responsible for growing a single strand of hair. The matrix produces protein cells, which accumulate at the root of the strand, pushing the older strand of protein cells up and out of the scalp.

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Food products and nutrients help aid in hair growth. Set of natural food products are sources of vitamins and minerals. Man’s hand holds tag with homemade application from paper – symbol of hair

How Nutrients affect Hair Growth

In order to produce hair, the matrix needs materials to work with, which are supplied by you and the nutrients you put into your body. Following is a brief overview of how certain nutrients affect hair growth:


Found in red meat, black beans, spinach and more, iron is one of the most vital nutrients for hair growth. Red blood cells, those responsible for carrying oxygen, are constructed with vast amounts of iron. In fact, 70 percent of each red blood cell is iron. These cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the hair matrix, so you need plenty of healthy ones.

B Vitamins

The whole slew of B vitamins is thought to help boost metabolism at the cellular level. This results in more efficient and better cellular processes, including the nutrients responsible for hair growth. Foods rich in B vitamins include nuts, eggs, chicken, avocado and other protein-rich foods.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D comes from the sun and a select group of foods, including mushrooms and certain types of fish. Studies have shown that vitamin D is a great nutrient for healthy hair growth. It wakes up old, dormant hair follicles and may even help create new ones.

Fish Oil

Available in the vitamin supplement aisle, fish oil strengthens hair and adds luster while combating hair loss. You can get more of this oil by consuming fish, including tuna and salmon.

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As you already know, vital nutrients and the energy necessary for hair growth are delivered to various parts of the body via a rich blood supply. IF YOU WANT TO OPTIMIZE HAIR GROWTH, YOU MUST INCREASE THE BLOOD SUPPLY TO YOUR SCALP IN ADDITION TO TAKING IN THE RIGHT VITAMINS. LASER CAP THERAPY CAN HELP.
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