How Can Laser Hair Growth Help Me?

Laser Hair Growth at Home

If you have hair loss there is an alternative that won’t disrupt your lifestyle, is FDA approved and can be easily used at home.
According to Statistic Brain, in the United States alone there are over 35 million men experiencing hair loss and 21 million women experiencing hair loss. This can be due to androgenetic alopecia in both women and men. Fortunately, there is a solution that works right in your home or on the go – laser hair growth.

What Is Low-Level Laser Therapy and How Does It Help With Thinning Hair?

Low-level laser therapy or LLLT is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses low-light wavelengths to penetrate the scalp and stimulate it on a cellular level. There is a specific form of coherent red light used that helps ATP production, or the process of storing and transporting chemical energy within cells. This leads to more hair growth.

Safety Matters

It is imperative to use an FDA-approved LLLT laser cap to ensure your safety. FDA approval means you are using a high-quality product that has passed all safety standards. It also means it meets very specific standards in terms of light output.

At-Home Use

One of the major benefits of illumiflow is that it is so easy to use and won’t disrupt your lifestyle. You simply place the cap on your head after connecting it to your battery pack and you’re all set. You have your hands free, which means you can read a book, work on a project, or just relax and unwind while it repairs damaged hair follicles. It is also mobile, so even if you are away from home you can take it with you, use it and not have to worry about taking time away from your trip.

This is a hair loss prevention tool that does not involve sitting at a doctor’s office for treatment, using pills, or having to apply a serum or cream treatment to your scalp. In fact, using the cap just three times a week for 30 minutes is all the time you need to invest. That being said, the laser helmet is a great base method for hair regrowth and can be used with ALL other treatments or remedies.