5 Natural Remedies for Hair Regrowth

5 Natural Remedies for Hair Regrowth

Thinning hair can greatly diminish someone’s self-esteem and confidence, which leaves many men and women alike wondering how to stop hair loss. Luckily, there are many remedies for hair regrowth. Here are five natural remedies to combat thinning hair and stimulate hair regrowth.

1. Nutrient-Rich foods

It’s possible to thicken hair by eating foods that help stimulate hair growth. Foods rich in protein, omega-3s and vitamin D can boost hair strength and regrowth. Consider adding some of these vitamin-rich foods into your diet for remedies for hair regrowth:
  • Salmon
  • Honey
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Spinach
  • Oysters

2. Laser Hair Growth Systems

Laser hair growth treatment has become a more popular and accessible way to stimulate hair growth naturally. This pain-free hair loss prevention method rejuvenates the scalp, energizes hair cells and strengthens follicles to encourage new hair growth in just four to six months. Companies like illumiflow offer affordable models that are FDA approved, effective, portable and discreet. one of the great remedies for hair regrowth.

3. Oil Treatments

There are many readily available, all-natural oils that can help strengthen and grow hair. Argan oil can help fight hair cell damage, castor oil can help strengthen hair and jojoba oil can hydrate both your hair and your scalp. You can experiment with different types of oil to determine which gives you better results for your individual hair and skin type.

4. De-Stressing Your Life

Stress can cause many negative physical side effects, one of which is hair loss. There are many medical conditions stress causes that can lead to hair loss, including telogen effluvium and trichotillomania. If you experience a lot of stress and anxiety, consider changing those areas of your life. You’ll remove a cause of thinning hair and also enjoy a more stress-free lifestyle.

5. Scalp Massage

For some people, hair loss can be a result of poor circulation. Massaging your scalp can improve circulation, which will stimulate new hair growth. You can do this for five minutes while in the shower. You can also massage your scalp with one of the oils mentioned above to increase the effectiveness.
When battling hair loss, consult your doctor and consider adding these five treatments into your daily habits to stimulate new hair growth.