3 Effective Ways to Stimulate New Hair Growth

3 Effective Ways to Stimulate New Hair Growth


Losing your hair can damage your self-esteem, hurt your confidence, and stop you from living life to the full. Luckily, there are plenty of alopecia treatments which can stimulate new hair growth effectively, and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Here are the pros and cons of three of the most popular ways to stimulate new hair growth

1. Get a Regular Scalp Massage

This is one of the simplest ways to stimulate new hair growth and, so it’s ideal if you don’t want to spend too much money.

Massage helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, and this increased blood flow ensures that your hair follicles receive all the nutrients they need to stimulate new hair growth. To see the greatest benefits, it’s important to maintain a healthy hair diet, choosing products which nourish and support your hair.

Seeing a professional hair loss massage therapist is the best option if you want to see results, although you can also try giving yourself a gentle scalp massage at home.

2. Try a Dermaroller

Ever heard the saying ‘no pain, no gain’? That definitely applies to this treatment. Dermarollers are used to carry out a process called ‘micro needling,’ which creates tiny injuries in your scalp, causing your natural healing mechanisms to kick in and promote new hair growth. The process also stimulates blood flow, which makes stimulate new hair growth even easier.

Microneedling can be carried out by a professional or performed at home. The process can be painful, and numbing creams are sometimes used prior to treatment. For extreme hair loss, micro needling can be used in combination with topical alopecia products such as Minoxidil.

3. Use a Laser Cap

If you’re looking for a safe treatment that’s highly effective but doesn’t cause pain, the laser cap could be perfect for stimulating new hair growth.

This special cap uses low level laser therapy to stimulate the mitochondria in your cells, and ‘wake up’ inactive hair follicles. Within a few months, it should halt hair loss and start to stimulate new hair growth.

You’ll only need to wear the cap three times a week for 15-30 minutes, so it’s quick, easy, and convenient. Since it’s battery-powered, you can take the cap with you and use it while at work, in the car, or anywhere else you like.

The laser cap is safe to use with hair loss shampoos and medications, so it can be a flexible part of your treatment plan. For best results, it can even supplement treatments like micro needling, or be combined with drugs like Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Alfatradiol.

Is hair loss getting you down?

Restore your confidence and self-esteem using the effective hair loss prevention treatments described above. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try them sooner!